Loan Information

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All members have the opportunity to apply for loans.  To qualify for a loan, a member must have a current account. Each new loan application will require a $25.00 processing fee.

New Vehicle/2022 and newer Loans

    • Details & Rates:
      • As low as 5.10% APR for up to 48 months
      • As low as 5.20% APR for up to 60 months
      • As low as 5.85% APR for up to 72 months

*rates are set according to credit rating

 Used Vehicles/Please contact BFCU for Recreational

    • Details & Rates:
      •   As low as 5.50% APR for 36 months
      •   As low as 5.75% APR for 48 months
      •   As low as 5.90% APR for 60 months

*Dealership rate matching on new and/or used vehicles per board approval.

Share Pledge Loans

    • 3.25% APR – Terms vary.  Each loan handled individually. No reduction for scoring

Personal/Unsecured Loans

    • Details & Rates:
      • May borrow up to 15% of annual salary.
      • 8.00 – 17.99% APR for up to 36 months (Rate, amount and length of payout set according to credit rating).
      • May be renewed every 6 months if there have been no delinquencies on BFCU loans

Education Loans

    • Details & Rates:
      • As low as 6.5% APR, with a potential to borrow up to $9000 per year for a maximum of 5 years and a total amount available per student of $45,000.

*rates, amount available and length allowed is contingent on credit scoring and board approval.

Consolidated Education Loans

    • Details & Rates:
      • As low as 3.5% APR, with a $25,000 loan limit and a maximum payout of 5 years.
      • Checks for Consolidated Education Loans must be made directly to the educational institution.

*Consolidated Education Loans are subject to board approval and will only be considered for top two credit scoring tiers.


    • Skip loan payment if you have a credit scoring of 640 or higher and have paid at least 6 consecutive monthly payments on the loan.
    • $30 Fee to utilize E-A-L opportunity
    • Loan can only be extended twice during the life of the loan

STS (Short-Term-Small Amount) Loans

    • Details & Rates:
      • $200 – $1000 Loan Amounts Available, with maximum payout of 6 months
      • $25 Application Processing Fee
      • 25% APR, if payroll deducted (28% APR, if not)

Special Loan Promotions

    • Details & Rates:
      • Made available for limited time periods as approved by Board of Directors.
      • Contact office at 254-215-2025 or email for details or notice of any loan promotional.